Discover more about what we do here at Earth, as well as finding ways to drop us a line.

Earth is an established creative motion production studio.

We work in motion design, animation, interactive systems & visual effects to produce creative moving image work for a broad range of media and clients. We also produce and direct short form live action.

Creative Director

Richard White

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Our range of work and the spectrum of genres we cover is extremely broad and it’s growing all the time. Broadcast promotion, commercials or sponsorship, interactive systems, digital content, brand and launch films or programme title sequences - each project brings its own unique and interesting challenges and demands a fresh creative approach.

Our success is down to understanding our clients needs and objectives (and those of their client), interpreting and forming the brief, then focusing skills and creativity to arrive at the best possible solution - on budget, on time.

We work with broadcasters and production companies, advertising agencies, event companies, and directly with brand owners. As a team, our experience and skills and talents are also extremely diverse. Here are just some of the things we do:

  • Free brief/strategy consultation & advice
  • Branding, Design & Concept Development
  • Creative script & treatment writing
  • Animation & Motion design of all kinds
  • Online & Digital Content
  • Interactive studio / event installations
  • Game / Quiz / Panel show control systems
  • Special effects planning & shoot supervision
  • Live action direction and production
  • Post Production - Editing, grading and audio